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NATO will provide security assistance to Qatar in the World Cup

Rob Qatar is the biggest event in football around the World Cup. Last-minute preparations are underway in the host country.

Millions of people from different countries will come to the country to witness the great sacrifice of football. For so many people, providing security for a small country like Qatar is not an easy task at all. That is why the military alliance NATO has extended a helping hand.

A statement from NATO, a military alliance of 30 countries, confirmed the issue. The statement said NATO would provide training to members of the organization responsible for the security of the World Cup in Qatar in dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

The training equipment will be provided by NATO member countries Slovakia and the NATO Joint Defense Center of Excellence in the Czech Republic, NATO said. Meanwhile, the first phase of training in Slovakia ended last May.

Romania, another NATO member, will provide training on VIP security and the deactivation of advanced explosive devices at the World Cup in Qatar. Turkey, another NATO member and Qatar’s ally, has already outlined a security assistance plan for the World Cup. The country has decided to send 3,250 security officers. Earlier, Turkey also provided training to Qatari security forces.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said his country would send about 3,000 riot police to provide security for the World Cup. At the same time, 100 members of the special forces, 50 dogs capable of detecting bombs and their trainers and 50 bomb experts will also be sent.

The 22nd edition of the World Cup will be held in Qatar at the end of November. The oil and gas-rich small country in the Middle East are set to host the World Cup as the first country in the entire Middle East. This year’s football grand yajna will be inaugurated on November 21. The 32-team tournament will end on December 16.

Bangladesh time: 1835 hours, June 26, 2022

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