Messi wanted to play in Barcelona with Sadio Mane

Lionel Messi left Barcelona for PSG last season. Messi, who could not have been imagined wearing a club jersey other than the Barcelona jersey before, is real today because of the situation.

Sadio, meanwhile, has left Liverpool for Bayern Munich this season. Unbelievable but true, if it was a little sideways, neither of the two events would have happened.

Senegal winger Sadio Mann’s agent Bakari Suisse recently gave an interview to RMC Sport. There, he said, it was not Bayern Munich but a possibility to move to Barcelona a season ago in front of Sadio Mann. And Lionel Messi himself opened the door to that possibility. Cicero said that last year Messi wanted Barcelona to take Sadio Mane from Liverpool. The Prothom-Alo.

That means he signed for Bayern from Liverpool a few days ago for around three and a half million pounds. Sisse gave an interview on that occasion. That’s where he said these things. According to Sis, whether Messi will renew his contract for Barcelona will ultimately depend on the quality of the movie, and the opportunity to move to Barcelona last year was up to the standard. Messi himself wanted Barcelona to bring Mane to the team.

When Barcelona was trying to renew his contract with Messi, Messi said as a condition that the team would need another Argentine central defender.

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