Brazilian forward

He is looking for a Brazilian forward worth To 64 crore

Tottenham coach Antonio Conte wants to get the team ready before the start of the pre-season. Tottenham has been criticized by supporters for slowing down the transfer window. However, Kante is taking the responsibility for the team and insisting on completing the team transfer activities quickly. That’s why the club has already signed three players for the new season, and they are keeping an eye on Brazilian forward Richardson as the fourth player.


Tottenham may have to spend a record amount of money to bring this gem of Everton’s attack to the team. They had previously signed French midfielder Tangi Endembell for a maximum of  54 million. According to Everton Saf, Tottenham will have to spend at least 80 million pounds or 64 crore Bangladeshi rupees to get Richardson on the team.

Tottenham, of course, is keeping an eye not only on Richardson but also on Everton’s young English midfielder Anthony Gordon. According to, North London club Tottenham could have to spend a total of  75 million to sign Richardson and Gordon.

Tottenham has received an additional 150m from the owners for a transfer before next season. So this time the club is ready to spend a large amount of money in the transfer market.

Not only Tottenham but also another London club Chelsea have expressed interest in Richardson. Let’s see, at the end, which part of London did this Brazilian own, North or West!


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