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As many records as ‘new’ England in one series

Before the start of the Test series against New Zealand, England was having a bad time in the Test format. He was having such a bad time that he had to change the coach captain. As soon as the new captain Stokes and coach McCullum arrived, the world will see a new England. Before the start of the Test series, they announced that they would change the style of play. The Three Lions have spoken. Whitewashed New Zealand has shown incredible run chase in every match in the series. That is why the record book was destroyed.

In Test cricket, chasing runs in the fourth innings is already very stressful. The wickets kept breaking from the start of the fourth innings. The wickets allow the bowlers to get the book to run. If that is the English wicket on him, then it can be called a killing ground for the batsmen. In that slaughterhouse, the English have seen the face of victory by chasing runs in three consecutive matches by batting like a sword. In the long history of Test cricket, no team has been able to win by chasing 250 runs in three consecutive Tests. That’s what the Brendon McCullum-Stokes duo did against New Zealand.

England won the first Test at Lord’s by 28 runs. A repetition of the same incident at Trent Bridge. This time England’s victory chased the target of 299 runs. After winning two Tests and securing the series, England won the third Test at Headingley by 298 runs. It is the only team in Test cricket to win by chasing 250 or more runs in three consecutive Tests. Earlier, the record of winning more than 250 runs in two consecutive Tests was also held by the English. They achieved this feat in two consecutive Tests against New Zealand in 2004.

Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement – with no series in the history of Test cricket winning more than 250 runs in three consecutive Tests. Even the duo chased 200 runs and won three Tests in a row. In the 1951-52 season, Australia won the Australia-West Indies series twice and the West Indies won 200 once.

England also holds the record for most runs scored in an over in Tests. Chasing 299 runs in a single day at Trent Bridge, England won the Test by 5.96 runs per over. Headingley also chased down 296 runs at 5.44 runs per over. These two innings of England are in the first two places in the record of scoring runs per over in Test cricket. In third place is Pakistan’s innings against Sri Lanka in Sharjah in 2014. Pakistan scored 5.25 runs to chase the target set by Sri Lanka.

The English have set a record not only in running but also in scoring runs per over in the entire series. In a Test series played at least five innings, England’s 4.54 runs per over is the best.

In Test cricket, the innings of taking the storm with the bat are no less. Destructive batsmen like Virender Sehwag have even hit triple centuries at cyclone speeds. However, considering the whole series, there is no one near Johnny Bairstore in England. Bairstow seems to have changed the definition of Test cricket in this series against New Zealand. Bairstow has the highest strike rate among batsmen who have played at least 300 balls in a Test series. He has scored 394 runs at a strike rate of 120.12 in the entire series. Bairstow broke the record of his captain Ben Stokes. Stokes scored 109.01 against South Africa.

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