Qatar World Cup

Air fares are decreasing in Qatar World Cup, flights are increasing

The UAE and Gulf Carrier’s aviation authorities have decided to reduce airfares to make it easier for fans at home and abroad to travel to the upcoming Football World Cup. Besides, the number of flights in their fleet will also be increased, they said.

Visitors will be able to travel to Doha, the capital of Qatar, for less than one month of the World Cup. Airfares from Dubai to Doha on November 20 are now priced at just over 1,600 dirhams. Which is currently around 2200 dirhams.

In addition, to fly from Abu Dhabi to Doha you have to pay one thousand to six thousand dirhams. Airfares from Riyadh and Jeddah will be around 1400 dirhams. The news was reported by Gulf News, a UAE-based news outlet.

Air Arabia has decided to run extra flights during the World Cup as the last airline in its golf career. The comparatively low-cost airline will operate 14 shuttle flights daily from Sharjah to Doha during the World Cup.

Etihad Airways will operate 42 flights a week from Abu Dhabi to Doha during the World Cup. Where they currently operate only 18 flights a week on this route. Around 12 lakh foreign spectators will go to Qatar to watch the game.

Even a couple of months ago, the airfare from the Middle East to Doha was more than 6,000 dirhams. But now that situation has changed. Fly Dubai and Saudi authorities have announced the operation of shuttle flights for the month-long event.

Outside of its golf career, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is also looking to take advantage of additional flights for the World Cup. They will operate connecting flights from Karachi and Lahore to Dohar from July.

Fly Dubai authorities said that on the day of the match, you have to secure a seat with a minimum of 950 dirhams in economy class and a minimum of 365 dirhams in business class to travel on the shuttle flight. Fly Dubai will provide light meals for the price of this ticket.

However, there will be no baggage carrier on these shuttle flights. That means travellers have to carry everything in their handbags. In this case, a person can travel with a maximum of 8 kg in economy class and a maximum of 14 kg in business class.

You must be a ticket holder for a World Cup match to travel on a shuttle flight. Besides, the World Cup fan ID Haya card should also be kept in the collection. You have to enter Qatar and the stadium by showing this Haya card. All shuttle flights will be operated from Dubai World Center from November 21 to December 19.

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